Essay: Awareness programs for Alcohol Abuse

Essay: Awareness programs for Alcohol Abuse

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A CDC study looked at the effect of enhanced enforcement of this Act and its effect on sales to underage people and rates of binge drinking in New-Hampshire, and found that when the policy was strongly enforced, sales to youths fell by 64% with similar results for binge drinking and alcohol use in the local high school students. This shows that although laws and policies may be in place, strict enforcement is necessary to ensure that they are productive. (MMWR) Combined with this, server liability can also be put on vendor for irresponsible selling and serving of alcohol to youngsters resulting in injuries or fatalities from accidents.

Detoxification programs aim at keeping people away from alcohol by engaging them in other productive healthy activities and teaching them techniques of self-control and restraint through cognitive behavior therapy. They can be accessed easily and anonymously. However, relapse rates may be high as the individual learns to stay sober for a while but then goes back to the environment that precipitated the alcohol abuse in the first place and the underlying determinants which cannot be changed. Therefore, although the first step to recovery is to stay sober, continued support, guidance and counseling may be needed to prevent relapse. Alcohol is not the only issue that needs to be dealt with; relationships, work and medical problems also need to be addressed if the problem is to be solved in its entirety.

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