Essay: Community is a Social Group

Essay: Community is a Social Group

The third concept which Nathan places focus on in his essay is community. Community has been defined as social group in which the members stay in a common specified location, have got one government and their culture and historical heritage is similar. In his article, Nathan looks at the community from the perspective of the education institution. According to his essay, each and every student in the university or college is a part of the community and should not feel any less important (Mueller, 2011).

The university is thus supposed to be a community for these students. It is meant to be a place whereby they interact and socialize without any form of discrimination. It is thus the duty of the university to ensure that it provides an environment in which the students can feel as being united and interact freely with one another. This will help in reducing the cases of discrimination in the society as well as promote unity among the students. By setting this example in the institution, the university will help provide better individuals to the society who can eventually help in bringing positive change to the society.

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