Essay: Data analysis of study on Music & Patients

Essay: Data analysis of study on Music & Patients

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Data was analyzed for four outcomes; pain, cognition, the ability to ambulate after hip or knee surgery, and patient satisfaction. Severity of pain was determined using pain scores and amount of analgesia received through the patient controlled analgesia machine. The nurses’ notes also revealed any episodes of confusion.

Readiness to ambulate was ascertained through the notes of the physical therapy staff, which was based on the patient’s level of pain and mental orientation. Calls to the patients about 10-14 days post discharge were made to assess patient satisfaction. Differences in these categories between the control and experimental group were measured. ANOVA was used to assess the variance in the results. Results showed that the requirement of pain medication was considerably reduced in the group receiving music therapy on each post-operative day. Episodes of confusion were significantly fewer in the experimental group, and their ambulatory scores were also much higher as compared to the control group. Unsurprisingly, patient satisfaction was also better in the experimental group, and those assigned to it reported music to be a positive factor in their recovery.

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