Essay: Disney Corporation

Essay: Disney Corporation

According to (Forbes, 2010) in the latest quarter that ended in June 2010 Disney Corporation had debt/common equity ratio of 0.28 and a total debt/equity of 0.33 therefore their long term debt to debt to total capital was 0.22. In addition their five year average on these ratios was: debt/equity ratio at 0.36 and total debt/equity ratio at 0.44. In the same financial period electronic Arts had a debt/ common equity ratio of 0.00 and a total debt/equity ratio of 0.00, therefore their long term debt to total capital was 0.00.

Their five year average, for debt. equity ratio is at 0.00 and their total debt/equity ratio at 0.00. Mean while Ford Corporation had a long term debt to total capital of 1.03 Forbes (2010).

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