Essay: Expansion of digital technologies

Essay: Expansion of digital technologies

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The fast expansion of digital technologies, instead of all the benefits, involves the expenses. Actual liquidation has been that one expense, creating a distortion of the legal system of copyright and has managed to find a way to perfect itself throughout the years and until recently worked efficiently. But somehow it no longer does. It will not be true if we say that on the digital front the formulated system of copyright protection doesn’t work. However, somehow this lie has more or less approximated to the truth. In reality the truth is the author of a digital work has to take certain measures online to protect his work and his rights on authorship, right on use and other rights, otherwise he lose his work with a blink of an eye.( Jessica Litman 2009, pp. 115-120)

The steps required to protect ones work on the digital platform are not so simple they are rather arduous and troublesome, and as a law require some sort of technical computer know how of the author. Which makes it one of the most common reason why these steps are not taken to protect the work in most of the cases. Consequently in the world of copyright on digital works there are numerous infringements that it’s safe to say that there is nothing there except infringements.

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