Essay: Individual Counseling may Raise Ethical Consideration

Essay: Individual Counseling may Raise Ethical Consideration

Individual counseling may raise ethical consideration and issues in instances where the client’s becomes overly reliant on the counselors. According to Kocet (2006), a counselor may suffer from contraindications leading to the cancelling of the entire process. Individual counselors are able to identify suffering extreme dependency and as such transfer them to a group where it is more helpful. Hence, a rapist with the anxiety of joining a group may not receive counseling opting for group therapy.

Besides, owing to dyadic characteristic of individual therapy, the process may invite personal relationship between both parties. Roback et al (2000) espouse that personal relationship established during individual counseling is not always beneficial for a client. Indeed, the level of involvement that individual counselor predisposes them to the risk of such contraindication that may ultimately be unethical and contravenes the counselor’s code of ethics. Rarely do counselors establish personal and intimate relationships with a client in the context of a group owing to risk of contraindication (Kraus et al, 2001). Group members also play a significant role in ensuring that the counselor does not get overly involved with a client.

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