Essay: Optimization of Managerial Skills

Essay: Optimization of Managerial Skills

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Workforce diversity is a by-product of globalization. With the extension of the business activities across the borders of the origin country, the expanding organizations encounter a new phase in their existence that is the recruitment of the foreign locals in their organization.

This unfolds a new rather a more important aspect of managerial training and development. This phase is particularly important because the managerial staff learns the new culture and develops a sense of affinity for the foreign locals. The learning and development for the optimization of managerial skills at this point is significant for the productivity and profitability of the organization (Davenport, 1994).
Learning and development activities are also important for the managers as they are intended to enhance the managerial skills. But prior to all the basic motive of the learning and development activities is to define and redefine the personality of management in an organization (Borgida, 1989).

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