Essay: The tensions between Chile and England

Essay: The tensions between Chile and England

Given that the treaty has been held in high esteem by member nations it is imperative that it impose some affect on the nations that had been claiming Antarctic territory as theirs.

In the case if Great Britain, the nation proved it owned portions of the continent by setting up bases, organizing expeditions and setting up weather and overwintering stations in the region. Initially these bases or station were located very close to Argentinean or Chilean stations and seemed as if they were located in such close proximity to each other in order to perform intelligence services, but once collaborative programs started taking place much of those strains have vanished.

Argentinean and Chilean claims asserted more so after England has tried to take over land that they initially claimed have had a strong presence in the continent. After the negotiations of this treaty, the two countries could concentrate on scientific discovery rather than conflicting with England ad this has actually led to further discoveries. Moreover the tensions between these nations have eased leading to better cooperation in the region.

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