Essay: Usage of modern technology towards further growth and prosperity:

Essay: Usage of modern technology towards further growth and prosperity:

The business organizations operating in the present century mark their progress through advancements, innovation, creativity, resilience and growth. The usage of modern technology has taken toll and it has become fundamental for all the business organizations and their departments to adopt such strategies and policies which lead them towards further growth and prosperity.

Therefore, further modifications in the business processes are being introduced in order to facilitate the corporate world to implement successful schemes of developing themselves among tough competition. The concepts and advancements in the production processes are developing with the developments in other relevant activities. Supply chain strategy, commonly known as the concept of Supply Chain Management (SCM), is one such strategy which forms the backbone of all the business organizations, irrespective of their scope and size. Just as the business strategy in an organization establishes the general direction for the business to proceed, the supply chain strategy aims to form the elaboration upon the actual activities and operations of the organization in order to meet the objectives of supply chain in particular.

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