Essay: Working Memory Capacity

Essay: Working Memory Capacity

Working memory capacity can also be affected by the input method and the mode agility. For example, visual and verbal inputs require an equal output method. When a task draws on different resources then working memory capacity is increased. There are people who find it easier, and perform better with multiple computer tasks, while others find it hard to switch to the different modes (Hollands et al., 2002).

Working memory capacity of humans is also reduced by the ability of computers to collect large amounts of information and compress it. This compression factor reduces human working memory ability since they no longer need to work with raw or huge amounts of data. Moreover, intuitive visual presentation of tasks reduces the mental processing capabilities and hence the working memory load. Since the computer will work out data on its Random-Access-Memory (RAM), humans only have to read the screen’s output information (Hollands et al., 2002).

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