Do you understand my needs?

Certainly! Our team is fully trained to provide the academic paper exactly what our client wants. We do not process any order until it is fully understood by our writer of what is required. Moreover, the online support system makes it convenient for our clients to communicate and get guidance for their queries.

How can I track my order? 

Easily! You would be given a track number after you place the order with us. In future you can use that reference number to track you order and receive a complete email about the status of your order.

 What measures are taken to keep my information secure?

Security Policy is followed strictly by every individual of our company. Your personal information is kept highly confidential and a specially developed monitoring system enables us to ensure that our customer’s details are kept safe.

 Can I contact my writer who is drafting my essay?

The company’s privacy policy is very aggressively followed, and when we are concerned about our clients’ identity, so are we for our writer’s identity. However, we provide you with the identity number of the writer who writes your essay so that you are able to contact online through our website or live chat with your concerned writer for your own satisfaction about the work being done for you.

What is your policy in regards if Plagiarism? 

Our working environment and working policies are followed by every writer, and therefore all the academic papers are written originally from the scratch. All the research is done before writing a paper. Therefore, there is no chance of Plagiarism in our content writing, because we know that it adversely affects our clients’ reputation and his/her relationship with us, which we can never compromise at. Still, in case, a document is proved plagiarized with a valid report, it would be taken into consideration.

If I am not satisfied what would you do?

Your satisfaction in what we aim. If do not come up to your expectations, you can get your academic paper, essay, written content etc edited and rewritten free of cost within three days of the delivery of your order. We would make adjustments as many times just the way you want until you are fully satisfied.

Do you resell or reproduce the same content to another client?

We can never even think of it. Our differentiation aspect is the originality of the content we provide to our clients. We not only understand what you require but also understand how you have been composing your material so far. This enables us to write the content in the way you desire so that it gains you the best grades and make you feel if it is your own piece of writing. And therefore, one mind can never be sold or recycled for another.

What extra benefits so you provide?

Once you join us and place your order with us, you are entitled to these additional benefits:

  • Free title Page
  • Free unrestricted Revisions
  • Free bibliography
  • Free Plagiarism Report

What do you guarantee?

The guarantees are mentioned in our guarantee page. You can always visit the page to satisfy yourself with the undertaking we take. Briefly, below are the guarantees you avail:

  • 24/7 availability for customer care
  • Complete customer satisfaction
  • Strict policies in regards to client’s privacy
  • 100% plagiarism free content