How do we work?

The success of a company depends upon the strong relationship of its stakeholders. Our ultimate objective is to build strong bonds with our clients by providing them with accurate academic papers. We want to keep you delighted.

This is how our team works;

When you place an order:


When you decide to join us for your own help, we are just a click away. Click at the ORDER NOW PAGE and place your order. There are a few compulsory questions that need to be answered when you place your order, that are, which high school or academic level you are in? What has your teacher mentioned as compulsory items in your assignment? What has the teacher required? How have you been writing your academic papers so far and what grades did you get then?

These questions will make the writer have a clear picture of how to structure your academic paper or essay.

 Selecting the appropriate writer for your academic paper

After checking your given details we choose the writer who best fits for writing a unique essay or academic paper for you. As described earlier, our writers are the graduates from various fields of study and this feature differentiates us from others. We choose the writer of your field of study so that s/he is better able to produce the original piece of writing.

Pre-writing efforts and Writing

It is mandatory for every writer to make a fresh research every time s/he does the custom content writing. The most recent research would enable the writer to develop the essay with perfection. After the research from various sources, the writer makes a rough draft of the essay or content writing you require. The draft is then organised in a proper citation and desired format. Then the writer writes your academic paper keeping in view all the necessary content expected by the teacher.

Checking and editing

After the writer has written your required custom paper, it is sent to approval committee for corrections, omissions and additions if felt necessary. The committee consists of three highly professional writers. They check and ensure that the content is free of Plagiarism; it is well written and consists of all the necessary ingredients of the required essay.

Sending your desired custom paper to you


Your academic paper is sent to you by the promised date, and that date is always before the deadline of the final submission date of your assignment. When you read it you will feel if it is your own written document. The relief and happiness which you have after reading your paper are all we want. Speedy Essay is created for this happiness and satisfaction our students need from us.

Afterward availability

Once you receive your desired custom paper we do not forget you. That not the end. If you have any query or confusion regarding your essay your can contact us anytime you want. our team is available 24/7 for your help. This post-sale service is free of cost. Our experts would guide you and explain you about your document whenever you want.