Applying for a graduate or undergraduate admission in an institute of your choice is no more an easy task. The reason is the increase in competition among the prospective students and a limited supply of institutes. This is why the admission officers now require Application Essays to evaluate the quality of students applying. A well written essay would lead to acceptance while rest would go in the junk. All you want is to become successful in writing your Application Essay. Here is how you do it.

What is an Application essay?

Before writing the essay you need to understand what it is and what the background of it is. An Application essay is one which describes you. It can be termed as your biography. However, it is not your resume. Students make major mistakes in understanding the concept of writing an application essay and score low marks once they are checked by the admission officers. Concentrate on the following instructions which would help you construct a structure of how you would design and write your competitive Application essay.

1)      Your Application essay reflects your personality. The admission officer expects a mature and well-developed essay describing you. For this purpose, make a draft essay about all you can write about yourself.

2)      Write all your achievements, failures, causes of failures and the areas of improvements, your strengths and weaknesses, your passion, ambition and the schedule you have planned for your high school study.

3)      After you are done with your own self, write about the area of your interest (the field you have chosen for your higher education). Give proper reasoning of why you have selected that and what future plans have you made taking it along. Give an analysis of your research in the field and an effort to benefit comparison.

4)      Now, come to the high school you have selected. Why? What made you choose that? Give a brief answer to these questions. Do not build a castle of praise in the name of your chosen high school, rather, give a proper justification to your selection.

Once you are done with writing the information you need, use this draft to make a decent structure of your Application essay.

By using the above techniques you can easily come up with a unique piece of writing which would become the part of accepted applications. If you still find any difficulty in understanding, feel free to contact us. We, with our very professional experts, are always there to guide you and help you in your career work.

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