Argumentative Essay is one of the most competitive kinds if essays to write. An Argumentative essay is one in which the writer has to describe both positive and negative picture of an issue and make proper justification of the side s/he is arguing at. The objective of Argumentative essay is to make the reader believe what is being said in the essay about an issue.

ü  While drafting an Argumentative essay you need to have following in mind:

ü  Write all the details you have about your topic. Be it in your favor or against, make a list of pros and cons of the issue.

ü  Describe the side you take and give factual justification to it. Your argument must overcome the other side with realistic evidences and not the biased, emotional or vague statements.

ü  Your task is to persuade the reader with your arguments, and for that purpose you would need to have a detailed research and study of your topic. Use your research while drafting the essay.

Once you are done with making a rough draft, start writing your essay. It should contain at least three paragraphs; introduction, main body and conclusion. The introduction gives the background of your topic, its origin and your thesis statement. After reading your intro the reader should have the idea of what you are trying to convey.

The content of the main body paragraph of your Argumentative Essay should contain the details about the issue. Describe the opposite side first, and then come up with your arguments that justify your opinions. There are no limits to the size of the main body content of the essay, however, avoid using lengthy statements. Be precise and to the point as you are trying to convey your opinions to satisfy the reader.

The conclusion is the summary of your essay. Your conclusion must have a concrete sentence that summarizes the part of your argument in the Argumentative Essay. The reader may be your teacher or any other person who expects you to take up the challenge. All you need to do is to come up with strong facts and figures which make the structure of your competitive essay and win you the argument.

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