This is the case study of ‘Multico’ of multi-national corporation and able to cause to settle to the pharmaceutical industry. As for this company, they leapt up to almost 50 percent as the result after all those approaches, but although they were complying with that a special human resource strategy and be high with the total sales. The effect was the place where management believed those strategies and the result too much it is an opposite case completely.   The place where the government thinks that those strategies are perfect and employees be satisfied this approach was pouring in this multi-national corporation of all level destruction that is large.

            There be to Multico 70,000 employees throughout the world and be the company which the danger stabilized disagreeable generally. The management style has the human resource division which is gathered in the center and those good to do performance evaluation and was maintained balance and which decides the compensation of an employee after all.   Although the case study is the trifling of Multico that be taking out the market niche ‘DrugDiv’ of advantageous operation. This strategic business unit is the sales of the product that was pushed related survey research, development, production and also brand mainly.   This SBU employs 100 persons inIrelandof the diplomacy sales personnel whereU.K.and 70 were subdivided in accordance with 6 districts between the managers for all the clear districts more furthermore. It is the focus on a human resource strategy as it is implemented with DrugDiv because I had a fearful influence in terms of the bargain sale and high turn that this case study strategy is a failure and be decreased.

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