A compare and contrast essay is a kind of essay in which the comparison is done by taking similarities as a base or a contrast is done on the basis of dissimilarities. A Compare and Contrast essay is written when a decision has to be taken in choosing either of the options available to compare.

The comparison could be done on anything in this world. It may pertain to educational decision, a general discussion, economical or political opinions etc. For the purpose of writing a compare and contrast essay, the following tips would help you:

  • Select a topic for the comparison and understand its details of what it is. Search different sources and collect information related to your object of study. Also find the similarities and differences through the website searches and books.
  • With having sufficient information about your topic, make a rough draft of the essay. Make portions for the introduction, main body of the essay and conclusion. Organize the draft in a proper manner and revise it to see if any editing is required
  • Now write your essay. The structure of the essay is of greatest importance. Your introduction should begin with the background information of your objects and the reason for doing a comparison of them. Thesis statement should be developed in the end of the intro which would link your essay to the next paragraph.
  • The main body should be one paragraph for each point. In a Block format of comparison your take one point of comparing or contrasting about the object in one paragraph. If you choose to write your essay in two column comparison, then address each point with a proper similar title for each point.
  • In the main body paragraphs of essay comparison of each point should be done on real facts and not the abstract ones. The essay should have the figures which can make the reader agree with your analysis of similarities of the objects or the differences.
  • In the conclusion of the essay give a brief summary of your topic along with an opinion or recommendation. Repeat your thesis statement in a different way which shows a broad picture of the overall purpose of the essay.

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