A critical essay is a kind of essays in which the critique is done on the work done by someone else. It usually is done on the arts related topics, which may be a poetry, painting, book etc. a critical essay is not the summary of the subject you have chosen for your essay, but it is the way you analyze the subject and give the evidences for the positive and negative aspects of the essay.

A critique done by the writer varies with his level of understanding to analyze and perceive the topic of study. When you are given a task of writing a Critical essay, you have to think widely for all the aspects of the topic you choose. Following are a few tips to that:

Study your object properly. See the purpose of its origin (why is it made or written). What is the author or poet or painter trying to convey. What is good and what is bad about the subject you are analyzing.

During your analysis, write the points you observe to make an outline of your essay. Develop an argument to one side of the analysis, either a positive or negative one. Stand at your position and support it with evidences. Also, give detailed evidence to the contrasting arguments and reasons to their insignificance.

Once you are done with a detailed study of the subject, write your essay. The appearance of your essay matters the most. Proper citation style and format would gain you good grades. Write your essay using your draft for reference.

For writing a critical essay, it is not important to give your mere opinions, but what actually makes an essay a Critical essay is that you emphasize on the facts and evidences as a ground to support your opinion. However, it does not mean that you become conservative or biased in presenting your idea. Use of neutral language can make it easier for you to attain the attention of the reader without developing a negative impact.

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