To read the literature and pen it down is one of the best things a person should do in leisure hours. Some people have hobbies of writing essays, while others get it as their homework or assignment for school and college work. Not everyone is good at writing the essays, especially, Descriptive essays, which need to be written with great concentration.

What are Descriptive Essays?

Descriptive essays are a kind of essays which describe a noun. For writing a descriptive essay, you should have a unique quality of describing a thing to make the reader experience the situation. The writer uses the imaginary structure to describe a thing. The descriptive essays do not contain factual data, rather they need to be written after a proper research on the subject. This may seem a fantasy and a waste of time, however, writing and reading descriptive essays can be the most fascinating task when you want to spend some peaceful time.

How would you write a descriptive essay?

It is quite easy and simple, and far interesting. All you need to do is to pen down your experience and feelings to describe a situation. Here are a few tips.

1)      Properly describe the subject

You should have a clear view and knowledge about the subject you are describing. Make a list of things that are prominent in your subject. For example, if it is a person, describe the whole picture of the person having his height, complexion, eye color, gesture, posture, clothes, hairstyle, voice tone, almost everything you can describe to actually make a picture in the mind of the reader.

2)      Use your imagination

While you write about a situation, get yourself into it. If it a real experience, describe about each moment that you felt in that situation. Describe the surroundings, the atmosphere, the sound etc in that situation. If it is not a real experience, use your imagination to put some images and ideas into it.

3)      Do not go beyond the reality.

While writing, you must be careful not to put any fake or vague ideas into your essay. Avoid extra usage of adverb, adjectives, metaphors and similes. Make a boundary of what and how your subject would be described, this would help you stay in focus.

After you are done with writing a descriptive essay get it checked by someone else so that you could know the degree of success in your writing. It is a good habit of getting your work checked so that to minimize the chances of mistake.

We were here to guide you for writing a descriptive essay. If you still need some help or get your essay wholly written the way you want, we can help you. Contact us and we would get your problem solved just in time.