Nomadic tribe is a group of people who have no fixed habitat.  These people, like animals, use to migrate according to the seasons from place to place in search of food, water, and grazing land. For thousands of years, nomadic tribes have roamed around the world finding favorable climatic conditions and hunting for living. The change in the overall climate of earth and globalization of has drastically affected their lifestyles and their culture and tradition. However, such native nomadic tribes are disappearing across the world.

The main reason for the disappearance of the native nomadic tribes is the severe climatic change. Other reasons for their disappearance are closely connected to the climatic change. The basic necessity for living is food. Due to the change in climate, the flora and fauna of the earth are being destroyed which causes the death of these people. This also causes some incurable diseases in such people which eventually lead to death.

The climate is not the only culprit which causes the ending of such tribes. Sometimes, such tribes go through some place where they could find favorable living conditions due to the industrialization. The allurement of industrialization compels them to stay there for the rest of their life. As a result, the never-ending struggle for life ends up with industrialization note.  Another factor that changes the lives of nomadic tribes is the addiction to the drugs. Some of such tribes struggle with alcoholism and this gradually wipes out their tradition and culture.

It is their tradition to keep on roaming in the search of food and favorable weather condition. This tradition is fading away due to the impact of modern technology and Western world. Once they get acquainted with technology, it becomes very difficult for them to hold onto their tradition and to leave the comforts that technology provides.

Some nomadic tribes are still trying to preserve their endangered legacies, but the number of such keen tribes is very rare. The threat of extinction always dangles onto their head no matter how hard they try. The tradition must be passed from generation to generation in order to be preserved. Language, customs, and traditional practices of such tribe will soon be a part of history only without any soul practicing it.

Such culture must be preserved in order to understand the diversity of human existence and the traditional wisdom of different tribes. It can also teach us the negative impact of modernization on human and natural order.  Caustic climatic change because of modernization has not only crushed the lives and traditions of nomadic tribes, it also has undoubtedly changed the lives of settled people as well.