One of the kinds of essays is the Cause and Effect Essay. It is an essay that describes the causes of something or the effects of something, precisely, one resulting in the other. The need of making students write a Cause and Effect essay is to polish their tactics of examining something, and developing skills to give detailed information of its effects. Moreover, this type of exercise develops ability in the student to understand the real consequences of something, be it positive or negative.

If you are required to write a Cause and Effect essay, all you need to do is to follow the tips and come up with a unique essay which would gain you the grades you require.

ü  Start with brain storming, that is, to begin with a research. A good essay always has a detailed study of the topic. Make a clear understanding of what is your topic, either you would write on the causes of something or the effects of something.

ü  Write down whatever comes in your mind on a paper. Make a list of content that you have in your mind. Focus on what causes you are writing about, it may have multiple effects, or multiple causes may have one effect.

ü  After a rough draft start to write your essay in a proper essay format. Begin with an introduction to what you are writing about. Make the reader have the idea of what is the theme of your essay and what causes or effects you are pointing to.

ü  In the main body content of your essay you need to consider the proper reasoning of why a cause or effect occurs. Elaborate your research in an order of how what is done. The reader may not have come across some of the events or knowledge that you describe, therefore, make sure what you write is obtained from a reliable source and is correct in fact.

ü  The conclusion varies with the requirements. If it is a short essay you may conclude in two to four sentences summarizing your essay. However, if it is a long, detailed study, you should end up with certain recommendations or opinions.

Your essay reflects the level of your research and the writing tactics you have developed so far. An attractive essay is one which grabs the attention of the reader and avoids biased, platonified statements.

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