Sample Essay

This essay is the product of the questions related to the three texts of fantasy literature for children, first it explains how L’Engle’s “A wrinkle in Time” fits the definition of fantasy literature, the second question deals with poetry, what type of poetry is liked by children of different ages this theory is based on Ann Terry’s study, the third question involves the evaluation of the book “Monkey Island” by Paula Fox, the fourth question deals with the information of who should write science books for children and adolescents, the last question is about the history of books written for children and young adults, on the whole all answers require critical thoughts and how the society has affected the contents for children.
The author writes about an adolescent girl Meg, who like the teenagers of today faces many problems like she does not get along with other students and lacks confidence. Literature began with stories of myths and legends and explained behavior and its results, morals and magic, fantasy makes us experience the magic in the world and around us, these types of books can be read by adults and by children of 12 years of age and they can enjoy as they enjoy Harry Potter today.

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