Sample Essay

Joining the military service should be mandatory for all citizens of the age of eighteen. This is what is known by all as conscription and is the involuntary labor that is made necessary for all by the higher authorities. It is most commonly used for government policies that usually require male citizens to serve the armed forces particularly. This has to be the case in theUnited States of America. Anyone who wishes to see a better world where there are teenagers who are well-mannered, disciplined, have a sense of their responsibilities and a world where there are lesser teen pregnancies, lesser drug addicts would wish to have mandatory military service for teenagers.

Each fleeting age group brings into being teenagers that are more and more barefaced, discourteous, lethargic and not well qualified for accomplishment in the real world. As a consequence, the world and the society that we live in becomes more hazardous, washed-out and deceitful with every passing year. This is a problem whose solution lies in the hands of the government. It would take just one trouble-free – even though far-reaching move, and with that move our government could do away with these tribulations and assist our children and our country in reaching their prospective. Mandatory military service, or conscription, has the tendency to heal many of our communal ills and permit American teenagers to actually get to their potential. Mandatory military service is one of the most primitive forms of national service and is ordinary to both self-governing and non-democratic countries. When handled in an efficient manner, mandatory military service tends to help the military, the society and the country in general.

It should be made necessary for every healthy civilian, inclusive of women to properly serve at least two years in theUnited Statesmilitary at the time that they turn eighteen years old. They should be given the choice to enter whatever branch of military services that they like, and they can appeal to be trained in a particular field, and serve in the state of their selection. In addition, the military must warranty that scruples objectors or conscripts distrustful of difference will be positioned only in non-hostile positions. After two years of service, recruits should free to leave the military if they choose to do so.

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