Sample Essay

Executive Summary

This paper attempts to provide a comprehensive insight into Toys R Us. It analyzes its marketing strategies with a respect to its past performance, current scenario and an outlook of the future. It assesses the company’s standing amongst its competitors using SWOT, PEST and competitive forces frameworks. It discusses the detailed market analysis of the organization and suggests measures to improve strategy.

It also points out past mistakes committed by the company and how it can rectify those problems. It attempts to scrutinize the macro and micro environments of the company. Detailed observations with respect to competitors are included in the paper and an analysis of changing customer dynamics has been discussed. An attempt has been made to display the interrelationships of all the factors effecting marketing strategy and planning. The customer segments, target market of the firm and future customer trends or environmental opportunities have been tapped into. A holistic approach towards applying marketing concepts has been used to discuss all the components of the paper.

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