Sample Essay


The book under consideration is Prisoner without a Name, Cell without a Number by Jacobo Timmerman. I chose the book to read because of the theme, the haunted presentation that it puts forward to the readers and the story is extremely interesting as well. The book puts forward an outstanding investigation of the methodology in the wake of totalitarian regimes, with importance laid on the maltreatment of Jews. Jacobo Timerman has put forward a fascinating and at the same time horrifying account of his experiences at the clemency of Argentina’s Peronist government of the late 70’s.


The book under consideration is basically a memoir of the prison which has been written by the outspoken Argentine newspaper editor who, because of his political views and because of the fact that he was a Jew, was locked up and tormented following a revolution by that country and its military. The book was basically written in the year 1982 and later turned out to be a bestseller. It puts forward the remarkable testimony of an Argentinean newspaper publisher who was imprisoned and tortured by his government as a dissenter and a Jew. The story begins by a description of the cell itself, where the prisoner is blindfolded, seated in a chair, hands tied behind him. Later on, the torture begins by means of electric shocks, insults etc. He is not put to question, but as he groans and jumps with the shocks, the hidden torturers speak insults. The most hurtful insult that is thrown at him is that of ”Jew … Jew … Jew! … Jew!” as they chant and clap their hands and laugh.

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