Accor has diversified its markets and brands.  It has successfully targeted emerging markets globally. Accor’s growth strategy means better services and goods for the consumers. The investors will benefit due to the expansive markets and large profits accrued. The group of hotels has also embarked profitably to other sectors of the economy. Governments also stand to benefit through the increased tourist attraction.

By tapping on the cream of the society, Accor works with the experts in all areas to ensure that they deliver only the best. With such promised growth, airlines and governments witness accelerated development in infrastructure hence heightened potential for growth. The differentiated products have given rise to high need for better work –life balance and financing solutions in mature environments. In the new markets, there are targeted efforts to reducing the unemployment rates created by demand for simple and reliable products. Every year new services, products are introduced in the market while the existing products are introduced in the new markets.

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