Sample Essay

This University can help me grow further and also push me into the professional world by streamlining my goals and aspirations in such a way that I will eventually be able to excel in my professional life as well. High school is just the beginning and a student needs much more guidance and nurturing to be able to realize their potentials and specializations so that one can be focused and excel eventually. During the course of the academic years in university I will be able to broaden my academic horizons and enhance my skills and abilities. I will get an opportunity to learn more about how things work and also that this educational experience will increase and enhance my knowledge about specific subjects and also on a general basis. Definitely, my habit of setting and then working towards to attain those goals will help me in achieving exceptional educational results in university.
This will reinforce my habit of being focused and eventually this will help me achieve the much desired success. This university will also help me fulfill my self actualization needs since I see myself as a learned, experienced, knowledgeable and a successful person in my chosen profession. Along with all this I personally believe education is essential for a person to prosper and progress in life. I also believe education is essential for a person to be wise and to live life in a civilized and respectful manner since education opens up the mind and creates awareness. Education is the reason behind the chaos in the world since educated and literate people respect each other and aim to maintain peace in the world. Thus, I believe this admission can help me grow and achieve what I aspire in life!

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