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Every Organization that is operating in Current Scenario is working on various kinds of projects in order to generate more revenue streams. Without projects in hand, it is impossible for an organization to generate revenue and its employees won’t be having any venture to work on hence the resources cannot be utilized appropriately resulting in opportunities being lost (Smith, 2009). Every organization that has projects in hand assigns a project manager to work on that particular project and make it a success which is eventually the Prime goal of an Organization. When the project is assigned to a manager, it becomes the responsibility of the manager to plan accordingly and implement strategies in right manner to ensure the management that project is heading towards the success. A project manager must have the skills of managing the project well so that resources are not wasted and the desired goals are achieved in a right frame of time. Without project management skills, it is highly likely that the project may head towards failure.

By reviewing the stimulation, there are certain interesting factors which did leave a positive impact on project management skills. First and the foremost thing is that it gave a clear picture that while going for a project management, all tasks are not performed in a quick succession but those tasks are needed to be divided and then performed one by one accordingly in order to make sure that the tasks are performed correctly. It is also learnt through stimulation that tasks are needed to be performed in right rhythm that is they must be arranged in order and shouldn’t be performed randomly as doing randomly may disturb the right flow of the way the project has to be carried out. It was also learnt through the stimulation that big projects need proper planning and without plans; tasks might be carried out haphazardly which are not beneficial for the project at all.

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