Sample Essay

Adapting a portfolio may not be a very expensive process.  All it requires is a little careful planning and some analysts and not the most advanced systems used across the business world. To succeed in this adaptation has more to do with mindset and autonomy than incurring costs. (Alexander von Pock 2007)


This kind of adaptation goes beyond adapting the message or producing a customized mix. It zeroes down to the product level.  Firms that pursue this strategy end up making products which are specifically for GCC markets. A pre-dominant example in this regard is Mc-Donald’s which achieved customized adaptation with the famous “Mc Arabia Sandwich”. It was apparently an adaption of the Big Mac Chicken and Shawarma (gyro) a very popular low cost meal in the Arab world. As a result of pursuing this strategy, it was able to trigger remarkable sales in its genre. (Rehman 2007)

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