Sample Essay

This article illuminates the rising awareness with regards to dual language instruction programs in Chicago. It highlights the positive aspects of adapting such an instruction medium and also describes the restraints on adapting dual language programs. Moreover, the article aims to  fight the case for adapting dual language programs within Chicago Public Schools (CPS). The article provides compelling reasons to incorporate dual language programs and cites credible authorities to back its argument.

The changing requirements of the corporate world require schools and colleges to update their curriculums to provide the skills that are needed by business firms. “Chicago companies competing in the global market are desperate for well-educated employees with fluency in more than one language” (Dual Language Programs: The New Face of Bilingual Education). This indicates that there is a demand for people possessing bilingual skills in Chicago’s job market. It is therefore, the duty of Chicago’s schools to provide their students such as skill set. To do this schools need to encourage a students’ literacy in their native language as well as English. (Dual Language Programs: The New Face of Bilingual Education).  Experience survey conducted establishes that dual language programs help to develop student’s reasoning abilities that can aid them in future learning. As it makes students explore the levels of their analytical language abilities, that they are unable to discover in single native language instruction programs. (Dual Language Programs: The New Face of Bilingual Education). Teachers “want to build on what they bring to us, not take away” (Dual Language Programs: The New Face of Bilingual Education).

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