Sample Essay

Use of only old protocols to make things move will cost the producer much that even the earnings from the newly established brand can compensate for. 13, 34 If producers adopted a new strategy, for instance the new tested and proven industrial leading market strategies, there is no doubt that success will not work.

In addition, the producers can use the previous learnt experience about their various utilization of the new technology or even any other proven success criteria; besides, they can also use various mediums such as websites, print, videos, e-mail marketing, affiliate programs and many others. This utilization of the current technology in business serves to makes ensure that each medium’s message will bring different production lines to their ultimate goal and objective.34, 35 

Aggressive marketing budget

If the producers fully utilized the full potential that come with information technology, then they will easily realize the fact that gone are the days when huge marketing budgets used to exist, and act positively to embrace aggressive marketing of their product at a little cost. Both marketing and advertising are all about selling of   product to a targeted consumer. 23

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