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The biggest plus point amidst all this is the free availability of Face book at any time. Any marketer would know that to run an empire successfully may need some handful amount of moolah.  Thus from advertising to developing products to purchasing eBooks on the latest products, cash keeps running and flowing in and out. But face book came across as free of cost with no overheads.

Ego, one could get the maximum advertising impact without spending too much in the bid. Social networking websites like face book center around increasing their visibility on the web. It kept cashing in on it, first through email invites, then free signups, then offering marketing incentives to prospect business men, next through its cheap almost free of cost over head costs. It turned out as one dynamic force that not just established its presence on the web but also helped establish the presence of other websites on the net. For those who marketed their products and services through face book, realized that it only added to their reputation as most of their competitors were not established on these sites. (eMarketer 2007)

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