Sample Essay

John Brand, a Research Director at Hydrasight – an IT research and study company – says that there are two facets to the advantages of cloud computing for manufacturing, as well as service firms. The first advantage is the elimination in costs of operating your very own IT systems. The second advantage, now that third parties are also involved, is the greater than before noticeable beyond the conventional organization’s limits. It was predicted that electronic markets were going to replace supply chain systems in case of catalogues, ordering and buying/selling).
But in truth, data mediators have served even better because they accumulate and add value of the information that processes through the supply chain system. The data here is kept secure and authentic but still providing organizations even better know how about the data which can be pooled across different parties when acceptable security measures are in place. These collections of data or ‘data hubs’, provide out of the ordinary services that are beyond the usual collection, treatment and examination. Now that we know that cloud-based email systems can help with deletion of viruses and junk mails, similarly, cloud-based supply chain system decrease the clatter in the system to ease up the process. (Shacklett 1)

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