Sample Essay

Advantages of critical thinking are (1) first student must get all the information about the problem, he must get relevant data from different sources, to me this is very important before the evaluation we must have all the full data this is the basic advantage of critical thinking,(2) we must explore all the assumptions available as these are based on facts and may help to recognize the problem, the advantage is that the student can differentiate both the right and wrong and choose that applies, (3)

all data must be double checked ,here reading from different sources can help, this advantage of critical thinking directs the mind to read ,explore and not just depend on talks or arguments that are heard, checking is must to be sure in getting authentic information and answers.(4)this advantage helps us to see all the sides of a problem, from all angles, the different issues involved in the problem may be complex and solving one problem may instigate other related problems, thorough study of the problem is a must and critically thinking helps to revealĀ  and deal with all the aspects of a problem (5)This advantage of critical thinking is important as it helps the mind to consider the views of others on the subject, this helps the student to be flexible in his thinking, sometimes others views are better than his own and thus he improves his knowledge and thinking (6) Logic must be applied to reason out the situation that is creating problems, students must express their thinking through logic as this creates great awareness of thinking and using the mind to getĀ  positive results for in solving problems. The human nature is to think and the teachers must cultivate and produce the best thinking minds.

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