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MySpace in its marketing endeavors also promised superior communication mechanisms. It came up with large scale colorful bulletins and private messages that allowed one to choose the right medium that they needed in order to convey whatever the message or pitch the produce chose for himself. The quantity of images, information and videos uploaded are never restricted.

This indicates that one can plug in as much amount of information as they want without worrying about space. Even more lucrative was the fact that they offered it free of cost without involving any overheads in the process. MySpace cashed in on all these features and marketed itself aggressively across the globe. However today its marketing strategies are under question and my space is increasingly scrutinized. The marketing models it incorporated have been widely exploited. The affiliate marketing led to sexual contact of two men with minors. They got to know each other through MySpace only. They were 14 and 11 years old respectively.

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