Sample Essay

War not only has an adverse effect on political and economical ties between countries but it affects human body because it’s under constant stress. On Combat is about the physiological and psychological impacts on human body because of deadly wars between two or more countries. This book not only peeks into the changes occurring in nervous system, circulatory system, visual and auditory responses which are brought by war, but also focuses on how such debilitations can be prevented so the warriors can survive and stay in the fight. (‘Summary’)

Lt. Grossman and Christensen illustrate on the temperament of the warrior men and women who prepare their bodies to go to the extent from which others run away. Subsequent to examining some true warriors in the battle, On Combat proposes a research which claims that fighters can train their mind and body so that they get impervious to the stress and pain. The book reveals that emotions such as self-blame, repentance and satisfaction or relief are natural coping strategies which can be healthy to recover from stress. The authors presented that concept in ‘Bulletproof Mind’ presentation. It gives the account of coping PTSD (Post traumatic stress syndrome) and how to survive it. (‘Summary’)

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