Sample Essay

Gulf ads are mostly brief, concise and direct. They don’t focus on projecting a lot of information. For instance, firms selling mobile phones in GCC countries, ensure that their ads focus more on the brand value and life style compared to the technical details and specifications of the product. The latter information if conveyed at all is done so mostly at sale points only. (Dixon 1989)

There are a myriad of hypothesis explaining the reason behind the comparatively lesser number of comparative ads in GCC countries compared to the rest of the world. One of these suggests that the buyer in GCC countries has more to do with exclusivity and being “special”. Henceforth reference to other products in the same genre could prove to be counterproductive. Another theory suggests that the buyer in GCC markets may not be concerned about the price; hence its value compared to its counterpart may not be the only consideration.  Yet another view claims that GSS is consensus oriented, henceforth ad campaigns undermining other products may be regarded as unethical and illegal. While none of these explanations could be particularly convincing but the observation that comparative ads being less successful in this part of the world compared to the United States could be noteworthy for the markers established therein.

In the words of a market observer in a GCC country, points out that an ad which may be more acceptable in the States may not be as effective in the GCC world. Thus it would be wiser and better if firms focus more on other factors to give them a competitive edge then being controversial and taking the uncalled for risk in the process. (Collard 1989)

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