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There is little or no investment in advertising. This is essentially because Stella is the only one of its kind in the district where it is located, hence quiet well known all over. Investment in advertising produced no returns hence the budget allocated to it was eventually stripped off. The most they have done to advertise is do so, in News papers. They keep getting new customers from surrounding areas constantly while their target market is mostly geographical.  There are no quality retail women’s boutiques within the 25 mile radius down the coast.  They are beginning to reach into Savannah which already has established clothing stores.

This has been successful. As they ventured into newer places and outlets, things have started looking rosier and market segmentation in the respective geographic location has helped them all the more. Market segmentation seeks to differentiate between various segments of a market and addresses to the needs and requirements of each market. In this way they make products and introduce services which are specifically meant for that particular segment of the market only.  There are various approaches that can be applied in the segmentation of market. Stella pursues the shot gun approach. In the shot gun approach  the marketing efforts are scattered across where as in the rifle approach marketing strategy is focused on those buyers that they perceive have the greatest chance of satiating.

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