Sample Essay

Advertising strategies are developed to attract people to buy a particular product. Campaigning is started sometimes even before a product is launched.

There are different techniques of advertising or propaganda tactics to win the hearts of people .For example some companies advertise their products by identifying the products with celebrities. This way people who admire the celebrity , try to be like him or her by using the same product. Besides there are other techniques like making jingles, advertising on television, musical slogans, in cinema houses, on the radio, through newspapers etc.

Some advertising slogans are introductory ie when a product is introduced in the market, others are simply reminders about products that already exist in the market, but need to be refreshed in peoples minds.

Many products are alike but get different response from the customers due to different advertising techniques, for example all high quality cameras serve the same purpose, but some like Canon, Pentax, Nikon use special advertising techniques that are unique.

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