Sample Essay

The most basic solution put forward by the author is research. Even though the authors put forward two different assumptions, but one cannot deny that such a theory can  exist. Some claims are true that men and women tend to react very differently in different situation, but there also exists a chance of this being not completely true. They also claim that the research carried out by the authors themselves has not been much help, keeping in mind the fact that the people who were tested had the same background. In this case, the authors propose that extensive research needs to be carried out to assert whether the assumptions put forward previously are true or not.

Also, according to the authors, if researches come down to proving that women are effected in a different way as compared to men, than a definition of the effects of stressful events needs to be put forward as well, which would help people in understanding the issues. Another factor that needs to be looked into is the effects of anger on the personality of a person. The results of this research can turn out to be extremely helpful in proving whether the assumption is correct or not. When this hypothesis is asserted, then steps can be taken in order to control the crimes. For this steps such as less bias, gender discrimination etc need to be considered. Making the society easier to live in for both men and women is perhaps the first step that needs to be taken in this regard.

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