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In the last two thousand years, dualistic, either-or approaches have been   governing the Western thinking: something is either good or is bad; pleasing or unpleasing; someone is a friend or an enemy. Experiences are often identified as positive or negative and we spend most of our energy in trying to exterminate that we consider being negative. This is just like trying to remove the negative current from electricity because it is not “positive as per Taoist point of view.” (Kardash, 1993, 1).
Due to the fact that we differentiate ourselves from others, most of the time we often find our self in disagreement to them, locked into “this and that,” this is mainly because of complexion, speech, or way of life. Considering such “differences” for the way things “are in reality” directs to the collapse in linking, quarrelling, combating, and even murder (Kardash, 1993, 1).
A human can attain the stability which is so crucial to the sagacity of affluence, if he get aware with the implementation of each and every phase of Ying/Yang theory. As the activities which take place in a human’s life are inter-related with one another, by con-templating the instigation of Yin/Yang forces within us, we can find out the state of ourselves, take care of our bodies, and nurture ourselves in a fair way (Le, n.d, n.p). The base has been provided for the oriental medicine and its approach to health and curing, just as the scientific philosophy and the laws of physics are the source Western modern medicine. In order to understand the body practices and for identifying illnesses for selecting balancing foods to eat, and for approaching a position of prosperity, the oriental approach can be implemented.

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