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It is not necessary to use a tool, solely designed for testing in an Agile development methodology. Automated testing holds a key place in agile development because of the sheer amount of testing that is required throughout the lifecycle. Some tools that have been used by agile development and testing teams include JUnit for Unit testing, Fit and Fitnesse for acceptance testing, Autoit and Selenium for functional testing etc.
Microsoft Visual Studio is the first IDE that introduced integrated unit testing tool (Ingles)
Test Documents
Agile software development encourage going as light as possible, hence the need for singular reference points and avoidance of multiple documents and redundant information as is the norm in traditional approaches. (Ambler, Single Source Information – An Agile Practice for Effective Documentation)
The main documentation work required in Agile software development is:
1) Test plan to ensure comprehensive coverage of the software and guarantee quality (Black)
2) Traceability Matrices – these matrices are used in testing phases to link functionality and test cases to specific requirements.
Risks involved

There are however certain risks involved in Agile development as suggested by some researchers. Some of these have been quoted below (Agile Software Development):

Lack of structure and necessary documentation

Incorporates insufficient software design

Requires too much cultural change to adopt

Can lead to more difficult contractual negotiations

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