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In the word of Gabriele Barsch, who works for the German Center for Addiction Issues, “the per capita consumption of pure alcohol in Germany has been regressive for about six years, and fatalities caused by alcohol related accidents has halved since 1995. But for young people drinking alcohol is part of their lifestyle, particularly on weekends and parties. Alcohol is consumed too thoughtlessly and too carelessly. Bildunterschrift: Großansicht des Bildes mit der Bildunterschrift:  Drinking, but not alcohol abuse has a ‘positive image’ in Germany” (Ryan, 2006).

An american who goes by the name of Mark, and is basically the coordinator for the English-speaking Alcoholics Anonymous in Germany said that it has been noticed that the culture of Germany seems to be very well-adapted and supporting of the use of alcohol. But, what he adds is that just like any other society of the world, it is not very acceptable to use up  and drink large quantities and just drink out of control. He says that just like the United States of America, here in Germany also there is a great misunderstanding that those who drink only wine or beer are not alcoholics. This is an idea which he says is far more common in Germany as compared to the United States of America.

Sixteen is considered the legal drinking age in Germany, even though the fact remains that children of this age have to wait till they are of eighteen years of age so as to be allowed to drink spirits. There is much significance of this age of 16 as compared to the age of 21 in the USA. Germany has the youngest legal drinking ages as compared to the rest of the world. As said by Lang, the consumption of alcohol is very hazardous at the age of sixteen as it has the tendency to cause great damage considering that the brain is still in the process of development during these years. What he further adds is that changing the law to the age of eighteen would be difficult as there is no hance of doing this without the use of health awareness campaigns.

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