Sample Essay


     Alcohol has the tendency to be a cause of death for a vast number of people. The consumption of alcohol can also have a consequence on your brain which in turn makes you tremble at the same time as loosing control over all of your senses, and it can also kill parts of your brain cells. What is more is that alcohol consumption can cause your liver to depreciate and not function appropriately. Liver transplants are not easy to take place and they rarely take place. Even if it does take place it is hard for a person with liver transplant to survive for too long. Even though it is general knowledge that alcohol consumption has the tendency to kill people, still there are millions of people who consume great amounts of alcohol on daily basis (Martina, Gert, Eckardt and Klaus, 2003).

     As known to all,Germanyis perhaps one of the most alcohol-drinking nations from all overEurope, ranking fifth right afterLuxembourg,Hungary,CzechRepublicandIreland. Only a small percent of about five percent of the people of Germany seem to call themselves as teetotalers, which are people who  completely abstain themselves from the use of alcoholic beverages, ranking it, after Luxembourg as the European nation that has the lowest percentage of people who do not drink at all.

     With reference According to the World Health Organization, and as has been proved by a vast number of studies, the whole of Europe is said to have the highest amount of alcohol consumption with comparison to all of the other parts of the world rating it per capita consumption as twice as high as compared with the average of the entire world.

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