Sample Essay

The efforts that Exxon took to control the damage were slow, but the reactions and dealings that they had in response to the damage they cause were even slower. There were a number of factors that caused Exxon to create a negative impact over the community and affect their public relations so greatly that it would permanently dent their standing and status among the general public. Time is of the essence in cases of crisis and that is what is considered as the fired error that the company made.

It is argued that if the company had taken quick steps, it could have made better attempts at resolving the loss whilst the weather was under control as after days of the oil spill the weather worsened resulting in damage that was almost doubled. Moreover, the chairman of the company made no attempts in visiting the site of accident and taking control which caused uproar in the public blaming the company for being laid back and careless over the incident and showed that the company did not consider the issue important enough to involve the high level management. it was although, claimed by the chairman that there was nothing he could do personally by going there and it would just waste time. This was one of the major reasons that caused a negative public image as in events of crisis it is important for the company to take initiative and show that they are concerned, alarmed and worried about the damage caused.

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