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The alternatives are very clear that when something is taking time to produce good then obviously there’s something wrong with the whole system. And getting the best solution is the best remedy for the plan to be executed in our favour.

It is not necessary that the one who’s in command knows where the problem is and how to solve it. Big organizations tend to compete with all the systems but there’s still a possibility of not providing with the solution which is most desired. Sometimes even problem solvers misunderstand the technique of  Problem Solving. To produce the best results we should first diagnose each and every information and there are still few things which are needed to be taken care of while solving the problem. We should not always rush to conclusions, the best way to improve is getting to the root cause analysis by finding out what actually happened. Situations are not problems, the problem solver tends to have a broader view and can advice how to implement those actions which can actually bring about a cause in an organization. As in using theToyotastrategy, we should always take care of  the given strategies but it is not necessary that all the systems are secured. You need to get everything RIGHT first time in order to maintain the standards of you’re company. This was just to give a brief view of why is it important for anyone to implement those actions which are in company’s favour.

The alternatives which Toyota company should look forward for the company’s success related to consistency and thorough regularity, as Toyota is in the right positioned to take over the World’s largest car company as in the General Motors. They use the innovative principles to build their success or in other words to lead themselves towards the success story.Toyotashould take care of few things which are on the spot light as in to focus on the consumers. In 1970’s, when all the American luxury was in the sight of the people around the globe, with the rapid crisis in the world Toyota introduced its New Model in Toyota Corona which was famous for the best fuel consumption, the maintenance and the repair work was very much affordable for the American that even they had the luxury and were proud to drive their own country’s car willingly forced themselves to buy Toyota.

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