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As Amazon’s wants to grow more and more, so the company is spending on real-world brick-and-mortar data centers to provide additional capacity. The retail/infrastructure business just leased an 110,000 sq foot property in northern Virginia to enlarge its data center traces. Amazon is currently using a Management Information system that accelerates moving huge amounts of data into and out of system using manageable storage devices for transfer. Through this they handle a lot of information. Information is a collection of analyzed and processed facts organized in a proper way and have some additional value (Stephen & Coutler, 2005).
Amazon web services (AWS) transfers your data honestly into and out of storage devices using Amazon’s high-speed internal network and by finding a way around the Internet. For important data sets, AWS Import/Export is frequently quicker than Internet transfer and more price effective than improving your connectivity. We can use Amazon Web services (AWS) Import/Export for shifting data into the cloud, distribution of backups to AWS, swapping data with others, and calamity resurgence. If provided with some more resources, Amazon will assist supply adjustment for the impressive growth for Amazon Web Services, the group of services that allow companies to run their applications on Amazon’s infrastructure and pay based on handling. Approximately 500,000 developers are now using AWS, and Amazon’s is currently running more than 50 billion objects[Amazon].

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