Sample Essay

Through its Web site (, enables clients to find and purchase books, music, videos, and other items over the World Wide Web. pursued a strategy of innovating to distinguish its shopping experience from the competition, and it made substantial investments to build customer relationships and broaden its customer base during the early growth phase of electronic commerce. Creating easy-to-use and easy-to-learn consumer interfaces was a key aspect of Amazon’s strategy.

For a moment before May 1997, CEO Jeffrey Bezos visualized of an idea to facilitate consumers to buy items with a single-click of a computer mouse button. That idea resulted in a method in which a customer can complete an order by means of the Internet by means of only a single action, just the once information recognizing the item was showed to the customer. This system was appropriate in situations where a seller previously had in its files diverse information about the buyer and where the buyer’s customer system (e.g., a private computer) had been provided with a recognizer that enabled the seller’s server system to recognize the buyer [Amazon].

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