Sample Essay

It is a common belief among people that increased productivity will lead towards economic growth (Stephen & Coulter, 2007). Technology is being used in every department and by each employee of the organization working in the The company serves its consumer through its trade Websites and focuses on collection, price, and expediency. It too offers programs that facilitate seller customers to advertise their products on its Websites and their personal acknowledged Websites. Additionally, the corporation serves developer customers through Amazon Web Services, which gives entrance to expertise and technology infrastructure those developers, can use to allow virtually do any type of trade.

All employees working in the organization have IT and internet as their basic requirement. They sell on internet, they provide their customer services on internet and they also deal with the orders and queries on the internet so Information technology and internet is the most basic requirement for this organization. Amazon is currently using a Management Information system thataccelerates moving huge amounts of data into and out of system using manageable storage devices for transfer. Amazon Web services (AWS) transfers your data honestly into and out of storage devices using Amazon’s high-speed internal network and by finding a way around the Internet. For important data sets, AWS Import/Export is frequently quicker than Internet transfer and more price effective than improving your connectivity. Amazon Web services (AWS) can be used for Import/Export for shifting data into the cloud, distribution of backups to AWS, swapping data with others, and calamity resurgence. Overall we can say that Amazon has best used the internet and IT services to run its business.

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