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The conclusions that we can draw from this case are that Fred Bailey is confronted by a catch-22 situation. A catch-22 situation is described as one in which; no matter which way you’re headed, there is an undesired result or outcome. Therefore, every choice is overwhelmed by an ethical dilemma. Bailey does not want to desert the prospect since he is being financed thoroughly by the company and the fringe benefits are more than generous. The company has also made provisions for his house back in the States and taken care of his children’s education.

Bailey should be expressive about the level of discomfort with his Japanese employees and clients. The best way of solving a problem is to attack it directly, and so, Bailey, with his best foot forward, can make it easier for them to approach the higher authorities. Bailey can organize informal get-togethers after work where all the employees could battle it out in a friendly basketball match or a bowling tournament or preferably a dinner where casual interaction can be facilitated without throwing the Japanese off guard.

The employees could unwind at a local pub; play billiards and converse about the economy in a lighthearted manner. The higher-level managers could place themselves within an affable range of the Japanese employees and get to know them in a better laid-back manner.

The sooner this level of comfort is established within the American and Japanese employees, bridging differences is simply a matter of constructive conversation. The Americans will be able to communicate their demands regarding the work and the Japanese will become receptive, rather than housing baseless feelings of inferiority and being overpowered.

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