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As has been mentioned before, the most prevalent problem in the whole of Germany is said to be of alcohol consumption abd dependance on it as well. This is a statement that has been verified by Peter Lang, who is basically the head of drug prevention and abuse at the German Center for Health Education (Ryan, 2006). Basically alcohol abuse is said to be the most common as well as the largest of all social problems within Germany. As is known to all, Bildunterschrift:     dangerous and detrimental using up is without a doubt connected with a number of psychosomatic, communal and physical condition problems, and in addition has a considerable economic bang on the social order as a whole.

In the words of Peter Lang, “It’s difficult to say what is causing this, because alcohol is more or less an accepted drug in a lot of circumstances, like for parties or other social occasions. If you compare Germany to countries like the US, there is drinking in public that is different and more accepted. Consuming alcohol during the day is really more accepted here in Germany,” (Ryan, 2006).

As has been proved by the mos tup to date data, about an entire 1.7 million people of Germany are greatly dependent on alcohol, so much so that treatment is necessary for them, while on the other hand, nearly about 2.7 million Germans daily use alcohl in a detrimental way, putting their own as well as others life in danger. With comparison to the United States of America, the most latest data proves to us that with a population of about three hundred million people in Germany, nearly about 7.91 people are completely dependant on alcohol.

Considering as a whole, the German society does not present a very positive image of the alcohol consumption that is taking place within the country. But, what is better is that there is a growing general awareness of the harmful effects of drinking, which makes one hope that the consumption rate would come down a bit.

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